Artsy travel postcards, easy sending.

Kartl is your app to explore artsy travel postcards from inspiring creatives…
and to write and send them easily in digital or printed shape.

Artsy Postcards

No more boring postcards or other disappointing souvenirs.

Explore, write and send artsy travel postcards of the places you visit... on one single app.

Inspiring Creatives

Kartl exhibits artworks from hand-picked photographers and illustrators.

Make your recipients happy while you support inspiring artists: they earn on each card sent!

Easy Sending

Skip the frustrations of getting stamps, finding letterboxes, etc.

Write postcards easily with the app. Enjoy that we print and mail them for you.



Kartl lets you explore artsy travel postcards of the places you visit.

Discover Postcards
Explore the world... and discover stunning postcard photographs and illustrations on the app that you can send.
Discover Creatives
All postcards are uploaded by inspiring creatives - check their profile to learn more about them!
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Discovered some great postcards?

Save them to your collection on the app and enjoy browsing through them in nostalgic moments…

Or start writing one of them to a person that is precious to you! See how below.



Write postcards on the app, wherever and whenever you feel like. Save them as drafts and send them when they are ready.

Printed or… digital delivery?

We offer both.

Choose printed delivery and we will print and mail the postcard directly to your recipients. Internationally.

Or choose in-app delivery and send a digital version of your postcard… for instance if you do not know the address but still want to surprise someone.

More details coming soon. Maybe the quote below gives you some hint…


Experience the joys of travel postcards in a brand new, but charming way!

Beta app out now:

"To await a pleasure, is itself a pleasure."

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing​


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