Where your creative work becomes postcard art

Kartl lets travelers discover and purchase your photos / illustrations as postcards… without you needing to print nor mail them yourself!

Earn on your pictures

Earn min. 35 € cents on each postcard sold.

No costs or fees whatsoever for you.

Reach people meaningfully

On social media, your picture is one of a trillion. And how long do those who see it actually look at it?

Let your pictures receive real appreciation: As travel postcards they will truly delight senders and receivers worldwide!

No effort, no risk

Upload your artworks, we do the rest.

Kartl lets users discover and write postcards on an app, takes care of printing & mailing postcards... and handles customer support.

How It Works

You upload artsy postcards, Kartl does the rest:

1. Upload Your Pictures
For example: say you have created some postcard photos/illustrations from Venice. Start off by uploading them to our Kartl web portal.
2. Users Will Discover Them
Your pictures become visible to all Kartl users who visit Venice. They can then write them as postcards with the app!
3. Users Send, You Earn
Then, Kartl prints and mails these postcards. Earn a commission on each card sent while your picture delights recipients!
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In other words: Kartl consists of…

  • An online-portal where creatives upload their travel postcards as image files
  • A light smartphone app where travelers discover, write and purchase travel postcards, directly on their phones
  • An automated printing & mailing process, which delivers postcards internationally so both travelers and creatives do not have to worry about that

A Dedicated Creative Hub

Kartl = a hub for high-quality postcard content from hand-picked creatives.

To provide travelers artsy postcards of high artistic value only, we involve:

  • Local creatives – who want to represent their home area with their artworks (note: can be from everywhere on the planet) 
  • International creatives – who have collections of artworks from various places (note: as an “international” creative you may also use photos or illustrations of places that are not within your home area or country.

We are still at the beginning of our journey, but some of the largest talents from our home area and a bunch of international creatives have already joined us:

Why we follow this content strategy?

We believe that travel postcards only have a future if they are so stunning or creative that travelers cannot (re)create them themselves. Think for instance of:

  • Tele-zoom pictures of mountains
  • Birds-eye-views from remote beaches
  • Long-exposure night sky pictures
  • Let alone any kind of creative illustration of a place…

There are so many possibilities we can envision, and probably even more we cannot. But creatives like you can.

Does this speak to you?

Join us below… and contribute with your own artworks to the creation of a world full of stunning travel postcards!

Get Involved!

Be part of the journey, excite travelers with your artworks!

Contact us with the form below, we will get back to you happily (and mostly within 24h).

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Postcard Requirements

Here is a summary of all requirements the postcard image files you upload need to fulfill in order to be processed and printed correctly:

(Also, find a postcard template that respects all requirements below).

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* Please do not use very fragile and hardly accessible places: All postcards for locations where no official street/path lead to, where access is forbidden or restricted for any given reason will be rejected and/or removed by Kartl.

Download our postcard template file for photoshop:

PS: It respects all requirements and is (probably) the fastest way to transform your artwork into a postcard image file 🙂 



Your pictures need to depict a real place  (e.g. a village, city, nature spot, etc.). Customers typically prefer purchasing postcards from locals, so preferably you should use artworks depicting your city, area or country.


For instance, you may upload various pictures of the same city square you love.

It depends on you, however, we advise to select at least a few different locations to build up more reach.

Kartl will print your artwork in exactly the way you upload it through an image file.

If you want your artwork to show the place’s name, you need to add it by editing your picture before uploading it.

Our postcard photoshop template (scroll up) can help you here.

For the backside of postcards where users write their message and add the recipients’ address, Kartl applies a standard layout to every postcard sent:

If you are interested to have your own backside layout applied, reach out to us.

Yes. All creatives have a profile that displays their username, a short bio and the number of postcards uploaded. That information will be drawn from our portal, where every creative can manage their profile information. 

On top, you may add a link to an external website where users can find more of your work: e.g., your homepage, your main social media presence, etc.

Kartl connects artworks depicting a place to travelers visiting it.

During the upload process of your pictures, you state a specific location (simply via e.g. a Google Maps link) for each.

All users visiting that location within a dedicated radius (typically 10 km, but can be set individually for each postcard) will be able to discover the picture and write it as a postcard on the app.

Kartl does not pose any max. limit for commissions per postcard. 

In fact, every creative may set a custom commission he/she wants to receive per postcard sold. However, this will increase the selling price users need to pay. Thus, please consider that a higher commission carries the risk of less sales.

Reach out to us, Kartl is happy to assist you with pricing!

Since postcards involve relatively low transaction sums, Kartl adds up all your earnings in a balance that is paid out to you quarterly.

The details:

You will be paid within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar quarter, in which you have reached at least 50€. If not reached, the balance accumulated will be accounted for the next quarter.

Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon in writing, all amounts will be paid in Euros.

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